CNC Cylindrical Grinder

Republic Lagun Machine Tool Co. offers an elite handful of CNC cylindrical grinders from Spain as well as Taiwan.  Our cylindrical grinders are European engineered and constructed to the highest caliber; always keeping quality first!  The Spanish castings line of cylindrical grinders includes the GER-CU-600 model.  The Taiwanese casting line of cylindrical grinders include the RHD-CG-LJ-22120 and RHD-CG-LJ-22160 models.

These CNC cylindrical grinders are built for virtually every high precision industry application.  We offer competitive highly accurate full CNC cylindrical grinders while maintaining exceptional quality; all engineered for maximum accuracy and minimal downtime.  Our CNC cylindrical grinders range from 7” to 11” in center heights with grinding diameters from 13” to 22”.  Our cylindrical grinders are powered with 10 HP (7.5 KW) grinding motors all with full environmental protection systems, purged enclosures and state of the art filtration!

Republic Lagun; Built Stronger…Last Longer!