CNC Surface Grinder

Republic Lagun Machine Tool Co. offers a select handful of CNC surface grinders from our partner Geibel & Hotz.  Our surface grinders are German engineered and constructed to the highest caliber; always keeping quality first!  The Geibel & Hotz line of surface grinders include the FS-420-SD, FS-640-SD, FS-840-SD and FL-1050-SD models. 

These CNC surface grinders are built for virtually every industry application.  We offer competitive highly accurate full CNC surface grinders while maintaining exceptional quality; all engineered for maximum accuracy and minimal downtime.  Our Geibel & Hotz surface grinders range from 15.75”x 8.27” (400 x 210mm) to 39.37” x 23.62” (1000 x 600mm) in grinding surfaces with longitudinal movement from 16.5” to 41.3”!  Our surface grinders range in power from 2.7  – 12 HP (2 – 9 KW) and spindle speeds to an impressive 2,800 RPM!  All with full environmental protection systems, purged enclosures and state of the art filtration!

All surface grinders from Geibel & Hotz are offered exclusively through Republic Lagun Machine Tool Co. in the United States and surrounding! 

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