Drill Press

For the past four and a half decades, Republic Lagun’s drill presses have become synonymous with reliability! Our drill press line are constructed with the quality of engineering you know to expect from Republic Lagun; always keeping quality first as testament from thousands of customers for over 45 years!  The drill press line includes the floor drills RFD-25-TS, RFD-25-TSR, RFD-25-TSA, RFD-25-TSAR, RFD-30-TS, RFD-30-TSR, RFD-30-TSA, RFD-25-TSAR, RFD-32-TS, RFD-32-TSR, RFD-32-TSA, RFD-32-TSAR, RFD-35-TS, RFD-35-TSR, RFD-35-TSA, RFD-35-TSAR, RFD-40-TS, RFD-40-TSR, RFD-40-TSA, RFD-40-TSAR, RFD-45-TS, RFD-45-TSR, RFD-45-TSA, RFD-45-TSAR, and the bench drills; RBD-18-S, RBD-SEAR-25

This dependable drill press line is built for virtually every industry application.  Our line of drill presses are engineered for maximum accuracy and minimal downtime; proven by many users for the last several decades!  Our drill press line offers automatic drill feeds in the A models and motor pump cooling in the R models.  Our radial drill line ranges in power from 1.2  – 3 HP (0.89 – 2.2 KW) with drilling capacity from 0.71” – 1.77” (18 – 45 mm) and tapping capacities from 0.56” – 1.38” (14.2 – 35 mm).

Republic Lagun; Built Stronger…Last Longer!