Radial Drills

In the past 45 years Republic Lagun’s radial drill line has become synonymous with reliability! Our radial drill line are constructed with the quality of engineering you know to expect from Republic Lagun; always keeping quality first as testament from thousands of customers for over 45 years!  The radial drill line ranges from the RL-855, RL-955, RL-1055, RL-1230, RL-1380, RL-1400, RL-1775, RL-1805, RL-2000, RL-2775, RL-3000, RF-50-800, and RF-3000

This dependable radial drill line is built for virtually every industry application from production shops to heavy duty construction equipment.  Our line of radial drills are engineered for maximum accuracy and minimal downtime; proven by many users for the last several decades!  Our radial drill line offers a column diameter range from 8.3” – 21.7” and arm travels from 23.8” – 102.4”.  Our radial drill line ranges in power from 2  – 10 HP (x – xx KW) with drilling and tapping capacities to 2.9” and boring capacities to 5.5”!

Republic Lagun; Built Stronger…Last Longer!