Heavy Duty CNC Lathes

Since the Geminis inception, Republic Lagun Machine Tool Co. has proudly offered the long standing heavy duty Geminis cnc lathe from Spain.  Our Geminis CNC lathes are European engineered and constructed to the highest caliber; always keeping quality first as testament from many challenging customer projects throughout the years!  The Geminis CNC lathes range from semi heavy to heavy duty classifications from the GHT-4, GHT-6, GT-5, GT-7, GHT-7, GHT-8, GHT-9, GHT-11, GHT-12, and STORM models. 

These heavy duty CNC lathes are built for virtually every large industry application from alternative energy to transportation.  We competitively offer both lines of cnc lathes while maintaining exceptional quality; all engineered for maximum accuracy with heavy cutting capability and minimal downtime.  Our Geminis CNC lathes range from 31” to 138” swings with distance between centers from 1 meter to an increasing 24 meters!  The Geminis CNC lathes range in power from 23  – 151 HP (17 – 113 KW) with either 2 or 4 bed way construction (G2 and G4), C and Y axis machining, spindle bores up to 24” and automatic 4 station turrets with optional live tooling; by the industry’s leader in heavy duty rigid cnc lathes!

All Geminis lathes are offered exclusively through Republic Lagun Machine Tool Co. in the United States and surrounding! 

Republic Lagun; Built Stronger…Last Longer!