Travel Column

Republic Lagun Machine Tool Co. offers a wide variety in traveling column machining centers from our Spanish partners Zayer and Goratu-Lagun.  Our traveling column mills are European engineered and constructed to the highest caliber; always keeping quality first!  The Zayer line of traveling column type machining centers range from the KCU, 20KCU, 30KCU, 60KCU,  KMCU, 20KMC,  30KMC, KMC-AR, 20KMU, 30KMU and the KAIROS models.  The Goratu-Lagun traveling columns include the GCM 4-20, GTM, GMM and GML models.

These CNC traveling column machining centers are built for virtually every industry application.  We offer competitive traveling column machines while maintaining exceptional quality; all engineered for maximum accuracy and minimal downtime.  Zayer CNC traveling columns range from fixed to 15 meter tables with longitudinal travels to an increasing 24 meters!  Our traveling column mills range in power from 38  – 80 HP (28 – 60 KW) all with multi-axis 45 degree MANUAL,  AUTOMATIC, TWIST and HURE heads proprietary by the industry’s leader.

All traveling column machines from Zayer and Goratu-Lagun are offered exclusively through Republic Lagun Machine Tool Co. in the United States and surrounding! 

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