Republic Lagun TCG-1024 NO.3 Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder


  • Highest quality Meehanite casting with outstanding rigidity and vibration dampening.
  • Tilting wheelhead for easy clearance setting. Wheelhead is designed to tilt +/- 15 degrees.  It can also be swiveled 360 degrees on the horizontal plane.  These features make it very easy to set rake and relief angles and provide for a wide angle of grinding.  Grinding wheels can be mounted on both ends.
  • Table slideways are hardened and precision ground. Table is mounted on anti-friction slideway ball bearings, controlled by table cable on take-up reels for backlash-free operation.  Fingertip control of table movement is by coarse and fine feed table feed knobs on right and left side and rear.
  • Universal Workhead can be swiveled at any angle horizontally and vertically. Both ends have a taper hole (No. 50 taper at one end and No. 5 MT at the other end.).
  • Machine comes equipped with 53 items of Standard Equipment and 2-door steel storage cabinet with shelves.
  • Complete 3/60/220/440 volt electrics in NEMA-type enclosure and operating controls convenient to operator. Please specify with order.
  • Compact footprint, 61” x 68.5”.


Introducing Republic Lagun TCG-1024 NO.3. With its +/- 15° tilting wheelhead and 360° horizontal swivel, the TCG-1024 Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder achieves an outstanding grinding range. This, combined with its high-quality Meehanite casting that delivers strong rigidity and vibration dampening, makes this machine a versatile and precise choice.

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Models:TCG-1016 NO.2TCG-1024 NO.3
Swing over table10” (250 mm)
Swing over main slide
Distance between centers27 ½” (700 mm)35.4” (900 mm)
Distance between Tailstock and Workhead22 ¾” (580 mm)30.7” (780 mm)
Workhead hole tapersASA No. 50 one end; No. 5 MT or No. 12 B & S other endMT #5 (optional BT 50 or NT 50)
Table work surface5.315 x 37” (135 x 940 mm)5.3” x 44.8” (135 x 1140 mm)
Table T-slot (1)0.565” (14.30 mm)0.59” (15 mm)
Longitudinal table travel15 ¾” (400 mm)23.6” (600 mm)
Cross travel of Saddle10” (250 mm)9.8” (250 mm)
Table swivel graduations± 60º± 60 degrees
Table graduation on end, for taper of± 10º± 7 degrees
Wheel Head
Vertical movement of wheel head10” (250 mm)9.8” (250 mm)
Wheel head tilt± 15º± 15 degrees
Wheel head swivel360º360 degrees
Wheel spindle centerline to table top, min/max2”/12” (50 mm / 300 mm)1.9” to 11.9” (50 mm / 300 mm)
Wheel spindle centerline to T-slot center, min/max6 ½” / 16 ½” (165 mm / 415 mm)6.4” / 16.3” (165 mm / 415 mm)
Grinding wheel spindle speed2600, 3700, 6200 RPM2600, 3700, 6200 RPM
Grinding wheel spindle drive2 HP (1.5 Kw)2 HP (1.5 Kw)
Net weight of basic machine2560 LBS (1160 Kgs.)2560 LBS (1260 Kgs.)
Floor space required61 x 68 ½” (1550 x 1735 mm)108 x 62 x 55 (2740 x1550 x 1384mm)
Packing Dimensions (LxWxH)57.5” x 57.5” x 59.5” (1460 x 1460 x 1510mm)110” x 70” x 60” (approx.)

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