Machine Spotlight: Lagun’s Portable Machines

Machine Spotlight: Lagun’s Portable Machines For our final day of #LagunNoFOMO we’re wrapping things up with a look at two new additions to Lagun Maher Holdings versatile line of products. Technological progress and innovation are the main drives behind each Lagun design. This motivation stems from their mission to keep ahead of the growing needs […]

#LagunNoFOMO: New From Lagun Maher Holding

#LagunNoFOMO: New from Lagun Maher Holding Lagun’s Latest And Greatest Technology IMTS is all about bringing your best to the table, showing off the newest tech solutions for all the machine tool world to see. In the spirit of this we’re bringing you the latest and greatest technology from one of our reputable manufacturers, our […]

#LagunNoFOMO: Lagun Mills Growth Chart

Lagun Mills Growth Chart, Learn More

#LagunNoFOMO: Lagun Mills Growth Chart The Lagun Mill At Lagun we carry a wide variety of machine tools. From large scale CNC to tool room sized manual machines, our catalogue of products runs deep. Of all the machines we offer, mills have been with us the longest. In fact, the very first machine sold at […]

Machine Spotlight: Giana’s Multitasking Vertical Lathe

Machine Spotlight: Giana’s Multitasking Vertical Lathe Day 4 of #LagunNoFOMO is here! In today’s post we’re back with a Giuseppe Giana machine spotlight. As their sole US distributor, we’re showcasing the latest addition to their line of Italian made, large CNC lathes, The Vertronic Multitasking Vertical Lathe. Giana’s Vertronic The Vertronic is Giana’s answer to […]

#LagunNoFOMO: Lagun’s Lathe Growth Chart

#LagunNoFOMO: Lagun’s Lathe Growth Chart We’re kicking off our first week of #LagunNoFOMO with a breakdown of our most extensive category of machines, our lathes. With decades in the business, we’ve gathered a wide variety of lathes. From small hobbyist to big bore, oil field lathes, Lagun’s got all your turning needs covered! Just how […]

Lagun News: The Lagun No FOMO Club

Lagun News: The Lagun No FOMO Club The International Manufacturing Technology Show, aka the Western Hemisphere’s biggest industry show, is just around the corner. Every summer IMTS is our chance to interact with you, the makers, inventors, vendors, and entrepreneurs of this exciting industry. It’s where we flex our latest and greatest, and hopefully, inspire […]

Product Insight: All About the Chuck

Product Insights: All About the Chuck If there’s one thing we know at Lagun, its knowledge is power. With this in mind, we’re launching a new blog series centered on educating you, our loyal customer, on the different parts and accessories Lagun has to offer. When you work with Lagun, we aim to help you […]