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At Lagun Engineering, we take pride in our position as one of the longest-standing machine tool OEMs in the United States. Our dedication to crafting top-tier machinery and delivering exceptional customer service has been unwavering, serving customers around the globe.

Who We Are

Our Machines

Lagun Engineering, located in sunny Harbor City, California, is comprised of two main divisions, Republic Lagun Machine Tool Co. and Republic Lagun CNC, as well as a lineup of trusted partners: Lagun Maher Holding, Giuseppe Giana, and Bermaq. Throughout our history Lagun Engineering’s manual milling machines, lathes and CNC machining centers have been utilized in a wide variety of sectors. You’ll find our versatile machines being used in the Power Generation, Aerospace, Renewable Energy, Foundries, Railways, Earthmoving, Petroleum, Construction, Marine and Defense Industries.

Our products have been, and continue to be, synonymous with productivity, quality, structural magnitude, and superior cutting capability. More importantly, we make it our mission to not only meet, but exceed our customer’s expectations and requirements, resulting in customer satisfaction. Since our humble beginnings, Lagun Engineering has supplied the largest static and dynamically rigid machines with the highest available horsepower and thrust. Where performance counts, in the machining of our customer’s parts, we are second to none.

We offer a large line of products, including a variety of conventional manual, CNC machines, and customized machines, as well as a complete line of accessories—all at competitive prices. Our lineup includes Vertical mills (Manual & CNC), Horizontal-Vertical Mills, Lathes, (Manual & CNC), Heavy Duty Bed Mills, and Giuseppe Giana Heavy Duty Lathes . It is our lasting commitment to provide you with the highest quality, value and dependable service for as long as you own your Lagun.

What’s more, we strive to provide on-call services with 24-hour response guarantee. With more than three million replacement parts and accessories in stock, if ever there’s an issue, we’ll have your equipment up and running in no time.