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About Bermaq

At its founding near Barcelona in 1982, Bermaq initially produced machines for the timber industry. But, as time passed, Bermaq started manufacturing machines for the plastics industry, pioneering the development of machines working with methacrylate and other non-ferrous materials.

Continually improving over the years, Bermaq has consistently applied high technology in both the design and production of its machines. This continual improvement and application of technology has allowed the company to enter cutting-edge industries such as aerospace, marine and wind energy all while maintaining its long-standing mission to constantly innovate while offering customers solutions for their problems.

Under the name Worlmaq 3 s.l., Bermaq has begun a new stage of major technological innovations and new models across all supported industries, particularly in aerospace and plastics.



The ideal milling machine for patterns production and workpiece contouring.


A robust and modular CNC Milling Machine with a compact design.