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Customer Highlight: Lincoln Electric

    At Lagun Engineering, we take pride in our partnerships with industry leaders who push the boundaries of technology and innovation. This month, we’re thrilled to highlight our esteemed customer, Lincoln Electric, a pioneer in the world of welding and cutting technology.

    Lagun Engineering and Lincoln Electric: A Perfect Match

    Helping to advance Lincoln Electric’s operations is the Lagun CM-CL Traveling Column Milling Machine with Fixed Table. Manufactured in Spain, this machine embodies Lagun’s commitment to quality, performance, and flexibility. Designed by our expert R&D team, the CM-CL is recognized as today’s milling standard, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency.

    A Partnership Built on Precision

    The installation of our CM-CL Traveling Column Milling Machine at Lincoln Electric’s facility underscores a shared dedication to operational excellence and technological advancement. The accompanying images showcase the seamless integration of our machine into their cutting-edge manufacturing process, further enhancing their capability to lead and innovate in the industry.

    We are proud to support Lincoln Electric’s journey and look forward to continuing our collaboration, driving forward the future of manufacturing together.

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