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Lagun Machine Tool is proud to announce the newest innovation in its 65-year history, Lagun Portable Machines. Utilizing its decades of expertise, Lagun Machine Tool has created a series of machines designed to be moved to larger parts instead of spending time and money transporting the part to a machine shop back to its place of assembly. By using portable machines at the point of assembly, shop downtime is greatly reduced which, when combined with the elimination of transportation costs, leads to significant cost reduction.

All the technology packed in Lagun Portable Machines enable programming machine operations before the workpiece is placed via CNC control, direct measurements with rules, encoders and more as well as precise driving with systems like preloaded ball screws, double pinion/rack, double gantry ball screws, double pinion/crown and more. All these features, coupled with Lagun’s renowned customer service, enable Lagun Portable Machines to deliver portable performance without compromising Lagun’s legendary high quality, reliability and accuracy. All while being more sustainable and eco-friendlier than ever!

One of the pinnacles of this portability and performance is the MFP portable CNC precision boring machine. The MFP is designed for on-site machining and alignment on long cylindrical bores not accessible to conventional machines. Handling parts of indefinite length with ease, the high modularity of the MFP allows for variable machining like milling or drilling when equipped with the appropriate accessories. This machine is ideal for applications in bulkhead machining, the shipbuilding industry, energy-turbine housing machining and more.

Complimenting the MFP is the FGP portable CNC precision milling machine. With ultra-precise components and plenty of accessories, the FGP is well-equipped to satisfy the highest quality standards in both geometry and surface finish. This portable gantry machine, which can be set up with accessories like an ATC type tool changer or universal automatic milling head, is well-equipped to handle milling and drilling in the shipbuilding industry as well as various machining applications. From machining energy-turbine housing to pump and motor pads, the FGP can handle it all.

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Lagun Machine Tool announces new line of portable machines