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#LagunNoFOMO: Lagun Mills Growth Chart

    #LagunNoFOMO: Lagun Mills Growth Chart

    Lagun Mills Growth Chart, Learn More

    The Lagun Mill

    At Lagun we carry a wide variety of machine tools. From large scale CNC to tool room sized manual machines, our catalogue of products runs deep. Of all the machines we offer, mills have been with us the longest. In fact, the very first machine sold at Lagun was our  FT-1 , the original incarnation of our current FTV-2F. It’s true, we’re quite proud of the rich family of Lagun mills we’ve built over time. And with such a deep vault of mill products, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with choice. Thankfully with years of practice comes bountiful wisdom, and our wells are overflowing with it. For this reason, we’re sharing our latest generation of CNC and Manual Mills. If you’re in need of a quality mill, then look no further than Lagun!

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