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    Horizontal Rise and Fall Machine

    Lagun Engineering’s manufacturing division, Republic Lagun CNC, produces a unique machine that is truly one of a kind. The Horizontal Rise and Fall machine is a CNC vertical mill made for production.

    This machine is made in California with NFPA 79 safety standard and UL Electrics, and available with Fanuc or Siemens control.

    Technical Description of Key Features
    1. Ideal for medium and short runs, prototypes, over-sized parts and steel mold making.
    2. Every machine is laser verified for ±0.0004” positioning accuracy over full table travel.
    3. 5 HP horizontal spindle motor with 9 steps with a speed range of 85 – 1300 RPM.
    4. 40” x 15” work envelope with 660 lb. (300 kg) table load capacity.
    5. Easy loading and unloading of work pieces.
    6. Vertical; rotary and tilting head .
    7. 5 HP Vertical Head spindle motor with 2 steps with a speed range of 55 – 4500 RPM.
    8. Greater flexibility provided by the sliding ram.
    9. Available with horizontal and vertical spindle option.

    Unique Standard Features

    The HVRF-1540 is the only CNC Horizontal Knee Mill in its class that:

    1. BUILT in the USA
    2. L. and D.O.D. approved.
    3. Automatic lubrication.
    4. The extra wide and heavy Knee, with the extra guide support; offers the largest work envelope of (39” x 15” x 19” knee Z).
    5. Ø 1”(25.4 mm) arbor with two (2) arbor supports, NST #40, 20”(508 mm) long
    6. Vertical rotary & tilting head
    7. Flood coolant system

    Contact us today for a brochure or to get more information.