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Home » Machine Spotlight: Giana’s Multitasking Vertical Lathe

Machine Spotlight: Giana’s Multitasking Vertical Lathe

    Machine Spotlight: Giana's Multitasking Vertical Lathe


    Day 4 of #LagunNoFOMO is here! In today’s post we’re back with a Giuseppe Giana machine spotlight. As their sole US distributor, we’re showcasing the latest addition to their line of Italian made, large CNC lathes, The Vertronic Multitasking Vertical Lathe.

    Giana’s Vertronic

    The Vertronic is Giana’s answer to the need for a vertical lathe. These lathes are designed with their spindle positioned on a vertical plane. This makes it ideal for various operations such as internal/external turning and milling, internal/external gear milling, circular milling, thread cutting, drilling, and grooving.

    Three Axis Capability

    With X, Z, and C-axis capabilities, Giana designed the Vertronic for flexibility. The operator can lock the C-axis at any desired position, enabling the machines milling abilities. This is what makes the Vertronic a multitasking lathe. Furthermore, two motors and a rack move the electro-welded x-axis beam, resulting in more precise positioning and fluid motion.

    Vertronic’s Solid Structure

    The Vertronic’s structure is designed with treated and stress-relieved steel. Giana does this to dampen internal tension. These vertical lathes are also sized to ensure the lessening of thermal variations and vibrations, and to stop structural elasticity. To further enhance vibration dampening, Giana strongly reinforces the Vertronic’s structure by anchoring it to the shop’s foundation using levelers. The use of self-lubricated roller type guideways promotes precision by reducing friction. Additionally, the externally supported table has a center mounted radial bearing with cylindrical rollers. This design guarantees The Vertronic has radial rigidity and becomes capable of bearing axial loads.

    The Vertronic’s Applications

    The sturdy design, and precise application of the Vertronic make this vertical lathe ideal for multiple applications such as aeronautics, the wind power industry, petrol chemical valves, energy, nuclear, earth moving, mechanical transmission, and aerospace. 

    About Giana

    With their decades of knowledge, and constantly evolving facilities, workflow and technology, it’s easy to understand why Giana’s considered artisans of their craft. Founded in 1964, Giuseppe Giana specializes in constructing CNC turning machines with 4-bed guideways and CNC deep hole drilling and boring machines. In fact, they use their large pool of advanced machine tools for contract machining and producing parts for new machines. Giana makes grinding machines, boring machines, milling machines, and milling and planning machines, including one of Europe’s largest grinders for flat surfaces. The passion and precision Giana brings to every machine has allowed them to grow their company from their homeland in Italy to countries like India, USA, Brazil, Denmark, France, Russia, Germany, Israel, Turkey, exc.

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