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Lagun’s All New FTV-2FE Knee Mill

    Lagun's All New FTV-2FE Knee Mill

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    Lagun’s proud to announce the unveiling of a powerful addition to our family of mills, the all new FTV-2FE Vertical Knee Mill. We’ve reimagined one of our bestselling machines, the classic FTV-2F vertical knee mill, and revamped it from the inside out

    What’s New in the FTV-2FE Vertical Knee Mill?

    We’ve equipped the FTV-2FE with an ultra-powerful, and rigid Electronic Variable Speed (EVS) head. At 356 RPM, this brawny milling head reaches its full horsepower rating, producing 74 ft/lbs. (10kgm) of torque. This impressive torque allows the FTV-2FE to mill, drill, and tap materials other machines can barely cut.

    The Lagun Solution

    You can’t see it, but we’ve specially designed these heads with a 2:1 gear ratio from the motor to the spindle. This gear ratio lowers motor speed while increasing torque, allowing it to reach high RPM’s.
    Peek inside the head of our competitors’ knee mills and you’ll find the standard 1:1 gear ratio. While sufficient, overtime this ratio leads to overburdening the bearings and other internal motor components. Our solution causes less wear on the motor and its components in comparison.
    The FTV-2FE’s mighty combination of a 5hp Baldor motor with a heavy duty Yakasawa drive allows it to achieve low-end torque. This in addition to the 2:1 gear ratio result in a machine with precision control, with less wear on its motor and bearings, more torque at higher RPM’s, and a longer lifespan because of it.
    The reimaged FTV-2FE
    The reimaged FTV-2FE
    Lagun’s Modern Take on a Classic Machine

    The classic FTV-2F has been a part of the Lagun legacy since our humble beginnings in 1968. Our mechanics have been building these mills at our California based warehouse for decades. From assembling the machines components to hand installing the US sourced electrics, our machines are crafted with care. We’re proud to say our FTV-2FE is no different. In honor of this, and as a nod to past technological advancements, we’ve designed our FTV-2FE in recognition of the popular WWII Fighter, the P-51 Mustang. Like the P-51, there’s a lot of power under the FTV-2FE’s hood. This hefty machine is ready to take on any job thrown its way.

    To learn more about Lagun’s FTV-2FE Vertical Knee Mill, ask us for a quote today!

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