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Machine Spotlight: Lagun's MM-ML Floor Type Milling Machine

Adaptable Solutions. Lagun's MM-ML Floor Type Milling Machine

Lagun’s MM- ML Series

In this weeks machine spotlight we’re focusing on Lagun’s MM-ML milling machine series. These adaptable, multitasking, floor type milling machines come equipped with a universally moving column, completely autonomous of a fixed bed. This convenient design facilitates the possibility of a variety of applications otherwise unachievable by traditional milling machines. Lagun has taken special care to create each machine in this series to be a flexible solution for the high demands of today’s market. We’ll be exploring the various features that make this such a unique and valuable machine.

Key Features of the MM – ML

Designed to be as close to the column as possible, the mill’s ram placement ensures a sturdy column-slide-ram assembly. This results in a rigid and light slide for vertical movement. As a safety measure coolant and swarf collection has been built into the foundation on the floor. The MM – ML milling machines come equipped with a standard, robust bed with ribbed reinforcement. Although this bed does not come equipped with a fixed table, it is compatible with several styles such as rotary, floor and angled. Because the MM – ML’s bed is independent of the column these machines are perfectly engineered for production.

MM – ML’s Production Capabilities

To perform production work the machines configuration allows the operator to place the working part or parts on multiple tables along the bedway. This set up enables you to work multiple pieces at once. The two separate and independently protected working areas allow the machine to operate in one area while the operator sets up the next workpiece in the adjacent area. There is an additional option of installing more than one column-slide-ram assembly. To achieve this you can install them on one single bed or on two beds facing each other. Alternatively, by machining parts mounted directly on the floor the parts weight capacity becomes limitless.

The MLX’s Boring Capabilities

As a part of the ML family, Lagun designed the MLX as a solution to flexible and multi-use machining needs. For operational convenience this highly customizable machine comes equipped with an automatic head changing system. Designed to machine difficult to access workpieces with complex angles, these last generation heads can be utilized in heavy-duty and precise machining in the entire work area. For added boring capabilities, Lagun has created the MLX Q, an extension of the MLX with an additional integrated boring bar. With a high-performance motor to achieve a power of 70HP, and a max. torque of 2360.20 ft-lb, this configuration is designed for the milling and boring of bulky workpieces where precision is essential.

Lagun's MLX Q milling machine automatic head changer, and boring bar features
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Machine Spotlight: Lagun’s MM-ML Floor Type Milling Machine