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Machine Spotlight: Lagun’s Portable Machines

    Machine Spotlight: Lagun's Portable Machines


    For our final day of #LagunNoFOMO we’re wrapping things up with a look at two new additions to Lagun Maher Holdings versatile line of products. Technological progress and innovation are the main drives behind each Lagun design. This motivation stems from their mission to keep ahead of the growing needs of the machine tool industry. With this in mind, and by utilizing their decades of expertise, Lagun Maher Holdings has recently released their new series of Portable CNC Controlled Milling Machines, the MFP and FGP.

    Portable Milling Machines

    As anyone in large-scale production will tell you, working with big machines can get complicated. Things happen, and when the need for repairs arises conventional machining in a tool or repair shop isn’t always possible. One reason for this is the high cost that comes with disassembling and transporting large, complex parts. Additionally, these parts can be too large or heavy for transportation. In these cases, on-site machining is necessary.

    Unlike traditional repair work, on-site machining is done on a part at its location. In fact, portable mills accomplish the same work as a static mill, with a unique design making it ideal for transportation. By using portable machines at the parts location, production downtime is significantly reduced. This, in combination with eliminating transportation costs, leads to significant cost reduction.

    Lagun’s FGP & MFP

    The state-of-the-art technology used in Lagun’s portable machines enables pre-operational programming before transportation via their CNC controls. This coupled with the many unique features of Lagun’s FGP and MFP to deliver portable performance without compromising Lagun’s legendary high quality, reliability and accuracy.

    The FGP

    With ultra-precise components and accessories, Lagun built the FGP to satisfy the highest quality standards in both geometry and surface finish. Lagun designed this portable gantry machine for use with accessories like an ATC type tool changer, and universal automatic milling head. The addition of these accessories enables the FGP to perform milling, drilling, tapping and boring operations. These sophisticated machines are ideal for use in the shipbuilding industry. Their applications include machining turbine split lines and housing, generator corset machining, flange machining, and machining cavities and windows in structures.

    The MFP

    Complimenting the FGP is the MFP. Lagun’s unique design assembles the MFP through several steel vertical plates with openings. This construction allows the machine head to move through these openings while performing several tasks. Like the FGP, the adaptable modular design of these portable machines enables them to perform different machining, such as milling and drilling. In conclusion the MFP is ideal for bulkhead machining, the shipbuilding industry, energy-turbine housing machining and more.

    For your convenience Lagun has created two machines capable of handling all on-site machining needs. For more information on these robust and versatile machines, contact our expert team today!

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