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Machine Spotlight: Republic Lagun Millmatics

    Machine Spotlight: The Millmatics


    At Lagun we pride ourselves on our reputation for supplying reliable and quality machines. With decades of experience in the machine tool industry we’ve cultivated the skills and knowledge needed to master the art of the mill. It should come as no surprise then that from time to time we love showing off various members of our prized mills collection. That’s why in today’s machine spotlight The Millmatics, our 2 and 3 axis CNC vertical knee milling machines, are taking center stage. 

    The Millmatic

    These mills are a branch of our legendary FTV family. We took the body of our bestselling FTV-2F and gave it a CNC conversion. The result of this mighty combination is the Millmatic. These brawny mills offer either 2-axis (Millmatic 2), or 3-axis control (Millmatic 3). As a result of its outstanding standard features, Lagun’s Millmatic series provides the ideal solution for the combination of single shot work, prototype, one-piece, or short run production.


    Housed in the Millmatic’s dynamically balanced heads is an impressive 5 hp motor. This powerful motor transfers full horsepower over all speed ranges, (low 55 to 490 – high 490 to 4,250 rpm) and reaches 358 ft-lbs of torque at just 55 rpm. Furthermore, we’ve built a head assembly to allow for 45° front-to-back tilting, 90° right-to-left swiveling and a full 360° rotation.

    Millmatic 2’s Head Options

    Each machine in this series has a head configuration specifically designed for its model. The Millmatic 2 has a standard mechanical variable speed head, with the option of an EVS conversion. At the heart of its head lies a special hi-performance transmission belt. You’ll find this same advanced technology in the continuously variable transmissions of the latest hybrid cars.

    Millmatic 3’s EVS Head

    Meanwhile a specially designed EVS head is standard for the Millmatic 3. These heads come equipped with a standard CNC Z-axis Quill kit. This feature allows for 4.5” programable (or manual) Z-Axis quill travel. In addition to this it has a powerful servomotor and ball screw for added rigidity. Lastly, a quick disconnect is provided on standard models, enabling manual use of the quill feed hand lever.

    Fanuc Oi-MF Plus Optional Controls

    CNC Controls

    There are several control options available for each Millmatic model. Per your request we’ll equip each model with either Acu-Rite controls, as well as Fagor and Siemens on our Millmatic 2, and Fanuc on our Millmatic 3. The addition of CNC controls enables numerous types of programming. For example, using conversational programming a series of built-in data prompts can be easily programmed to guide operators through a machining process. Additional teach-in mode and shop floor programming are available, furthering the operator’s ability to create preprogrammed machining, which inevitably saves production time.

    Ultra Stable Body

    The Millmatic’s stability and durability are greatly due to the attention and care given to its body’s construction. We use a special highly rigid gray cast iron casting produced by the meehanite process. Because of this special casting’s physical and chemical properties, the Millmatic’s have strong vibration damping abilities, as well as excellent wear resistance.

    Hardened Ways

    To further enhance its structural integrity, these mills incorporate hardened and precision square and dove tail ways. This not only adds to its overall stability, but also boosts its accuracy. In order to assist with quick, repetitive servomotor actions, the X and Y axes are coated in non-stick Turcite.

    For guaranteed accurate positioning we use a special table lock design. This design clamps the table to the saddle rather than securing it directly to the gib. The locks are also spring loaded for easy repositioning.


    With its combination of exceptional standard features, our classic FTV-2F body, and a CNC conversion, the Millmatic is a mill worthy of consideration. For additional information on the Millmatics we encourage you to reach out to one of our expert sales reps. They are more than happy to review all additional options and features available for these robust machines.

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