Lagun Portable Gantry Machine FGP


Specifically used in the
• Defense Industry
• Shipbuilding
• Heavy Construction & Fabrication
• Power Generation & Turbines
• Large Valve Manufacturers



Lagun’s FGP series is a portable gantry machine ideal for onsite machining of a part too large to move. This technology allows one to set up the machine around the workpiece. The FGP is capable of performing milling, drilling, tapping and boring operations. It can satisfy the highest quality standards, both in terms of geometric tolerances and surface finish.

What is on-site machining?

On-site machining is technology radically different from the typical method of machining. Traditional machining calls for the workpiece to be moved to the location of the machine. However, on-site machining method allows the machine to be moved around the workpiece. Portable machines are moved to the part, eliminating the need to transport the part to a machining workshop and back. This saves the user both time and resources. By using portable machines, high quality and accuracy machining can be achieved on site.

-Time and effort savings: shorten downtime by machining the workpiece in its original assembly area.
-Cost savings: reducing transportation costs ultimately achieves significant economic savings.
-Accessibility savings: on-site machining enables the user to machine workpieces unable to be transported offsite.

It is the ideal machine for shipbuilding, energy- turbine housing,
turbine split lines, generator corset, machining pump and motor pads,

For additional information regarding this machine and the special solutions it can provide, contact a Lagun Expert. See additional Lagun Heavy Mills machines here.



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