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Customer Highlight with Meridian Laboratory

    customer highlight and Q&A banner for Meridian Labs and the Lagun Engineering machines they use.

    Welcome to another feature in our Customer Highlight series here at Lagun Engineering! Our aim is to not only showcase the diverse applications of our machinery but also to deepen our understanding of how our customers utilize these tools to drive success within their varied industries. Each story is an opportunity to learn and a chance for us to engage directly with our clients, ensuring they have everything they need for seamless operations. Today, we’re taking a closer look at Meridian Laboratory, a long-standing innovator in the field of automation components, to see how our machines play a role in their impressive production capabilities.

    Meridian Laboratory is a global automation and machine component designer and manufacturer located in the United States. Since 1963, they’ve never stopped innovating, and they are proud to have customers who have trusted them to provide industry-leading industrial automation and motion control solutions for over 55 years. In fact, some of their customer relationships are older than many of their competitors have been in business, and that’s the reason some of the largest companies in the world trust Meridian Laboratory to supply automation components that give them the competitive edge they need to innovate ahead of their competition.


    Q: Can you describe your business and tell us a bit about its history?

    A: Meridian Laboratory manufactures automation components. We’ve been around since 1963 and have grown significantly over the years. Initially, we were a small team of about 10-12 people, and now we are 35-40 strong. We have an internal machine shop, not for job shop work, but specifically for producing parts for our own assemblies and fixtures.

    Q: What has been your experience with Lagun machines at Meridian?

    A: We’ve always had manual machines and never CNC until we came across Lagun. We chose Lagun because of its reputation for quality. Our shop includes several Lagun machines, such as lathes and a milling machine, which we primarily use for low-volume workholding and assembly fixtures.

    Q: What do you like most about the Lagun machines?

    A: The Millmatic from Lagun was a crucial choice for us due to its flexibility. It’s one of the few machines on the market that can be operated both manually and through CNC programming, which is a significant advantage. This capability allows us to adapt quickly between tasks without extensive setup times.

    Q: How long have you been using Lagun machines, and how have they held up over time?

    A: We started acquiring Lagun machines in 2018 and have since expanded our inventory in 2020 and 2022. The lathes have been excellent! Overall, the reliability and versatility of the Lagun machines have proven valuable for our operations.

    Q: Would you say the Lagun machines have helped Meridian in ways other machines haven’t?

    A: Yes, definitely. The simplicity and reliability of Lagun machines, especially the lathes, have made them indispensable for our daily operations. Their straightforward design and robust construction mean we can depend on them for consistent performance, which is crucial in our line of work.

    Explore the functionality of rotary grounds in this informative video from Meridian Laboratory. Featured in our Customer Highlight, this video complements our discussion by showing the practical applications of these essential components.

    We hope this glimpse into the daily operations at Meridian Laboratory has provided valuable insights into the practical and strategic uses of Lagun machines. At Lagun Engineering, we are proud to support the growth and efficiency of our customers across various industries. Our ongoing commitment is to ensure that every client, like Meridian, has access to the best in machinery and customer service. If you are a current customer and need assistance, or if you’re looking to enhance your operations with reliable and versatile machinery, do not hesitate to contact us. Let’s continue making great things together!