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Republic Lagun Machine Tool ATV-910-FL High Speed Finishing Lathe


  • Ideal for jewelers, camera makers, research labs, medical, etc.
  • Extremely compact, 25 x 26” floor space
  • Guaranteed spindle runout of 50 millionths of an inch, in a controlled environment
  • High accuracy pre-loaded ball bearing spindle, permanently lubricated. Elimination of all end and radial play
  • Collets seat directly in the hardened and ground spindle. No troublesome sleeves or adapters that cause inaccuracies.
  • Solid, one-piece cast headstock totally enclosed for maximum rigidity and accuracy
  • Fast lever type 5C ball bearing collet closer
  • Hardened and precision ground alloy steel bed
  • 1 HP EVS Electronic Variable Speed drive provides variable speeds 0~4,000 RPM
  • EVS Control panel features spindle RPM digital display, load meter, E-stop, forward-reverse selector switch and spindle speed potentiometer.
  • Heavy gauge floor pedestal with wide chip tray and foot rest


Republic Lagun’s ATV-910-FL is a High Speed Finishing Lathe by American Turnmaster. Its extremely compact body makes it ideal for jewelers, camera makers, research labs, etc. The ATV-910-FL finishing lathe comes equipped with a permanently lubricated, high accuracy, pre-loaded ball bearing spindle. This feature eliminates any need for end or radial play, helping you save on production time. The lathe’s collets come seated within the hardened and ground spindle, eliminating troublesome inaccuracies caused by sleeves or adapters.

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Swing over bed ways9” (229 mm)9” (229 mm)9” (229 mm)
Swing over carriage15” (380 mm)
Swing over cross slide3.75” (95 mm)
Length of bed36”(915 mm) 10”(254 mm)36”(915 mm)
Spindle speeds, numberInfinitely variableInfinitely variableInfinitely variable
Spindle speed range0 – 4,000 RPM0 – 4,000 RPM0 – 4,000 RPM
Spindle nose, ID/OD, 5C
5C Round collets1.06”(27 mm)1.06”(27 mm)1.06”(27 mm)
5C Hex collets.87”(22 mm).87”(22 mm).86”(22 mm)
5C Square collets.75” (19 mm).74”(19 mm
with expanding collets3”(76 mm)3”(76 mm)3”(76 mm)
with step chucks1.06(27mm)6”(152.4 mm)1.06 to 6”(27 to 152 mm)
with jaw chucks6”(150 mm)5”(127 mm)6”(150 mm)
Compound slide travel4.25” – 5.5”(108 -140 mm)
Tailstock spindle diameter1.35”(35 mm)
Spindle taperNo. 2 MT
Spindle travel3.75”(95 mm)
Main drive, EVS3 HP1 HP EVS3 HP EVS
Voltage 3/60/2203/60/2203/60/220

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