Machine Spotlight: Lagun Maher Holding's CM-CL

Lagun Maher Holding’s CM-CL Series

Today we’d like to shine the spotlight on another of Lagun Engineering’s exclusive partners, LAGUN Maher Holding. As their sole distributors, our relationship with LAGUN Maher Holding (previously LAGUN Heavy Mills) has deep roots that go back over twenty years. They specialize in the designing and manufacturing of both large and medium scale multi-axis milling machines, as well as their latest venture into the turning, boring and grinding processes with their portable machines. The dense knowledge and expertise of their accomplished R&D department allows LAGUN to create custom turnkey solutions. From simple designs to highly complex projects, LAGUN prides themselves on their ability to find perfect solutions for their customers. The automotive, aeronautics, molds and dies, education, as well as auxiliary and maintenance workshops are some of the sectors these machines can be found.

Previously on our blog we’ve highlighted LAGUN’s BM bed type milling machine. Now we’d like to focus on the CM-CL series.

The CM-CL Traveling Column Milling Machine:

The CM-CL is LAGUN’s travelling column milling machine. It comes equipped with a high load capacity, and a fixed table with an optional integrated rotary table. It’s traveling column design allows for XYZ movement to occur in its robust column.  LAGUN designed the CM-CL so its ram sits as close to the column as possible, ensuring a sturdy column-slide-ram assembly. This results in a rigid and light slide for vertical movement.

Additionally, LAGUN created an ingenious response to modern milling needs with a unique machine configuration called Compact Draw.

CM-CL’s Compact and Flexible Configuration

LAGUN’s technological make up uses the same structural parts (slide, ram and column) with a modular configuration. Because of this, these structural components are interchangeable between all models in LAGUN’s adaptable range of machines. In accordance with the customer’s specific requirements LAGUN arranges these elements to allow for different machine, bed and table structures. This design method endows each machine with enhanced rigidity, precision and ergonomic working comfort for the operator.

LAGUN Maher Holding's CM-CL Machine Diagram

More of CM-CL's Outstanding Features

Another of the CM-CL series outstanding features include LAGUN’s wide range of automatic tool changing heads. These sophisticated heads provide these CNC machines with their extraordinary milling, drilling, boring and taping capabilities.

To ensure safe operation, front and side enclosures are fixed to the machine, each set equipped with two front doors and an opening for machine travel. Furthermore, for the operators convenience, LAGUN has placed a control panel in the operators cabin. An articulated arm suspends this panel which the operator can move to the front for work in manual mode, or closer inspection.

For serial machining this series can be configured with a Non-Stop system when programmed to pendulum work mode. The two separate and independently protected working areas allow for the machine to operate in one area while the operator sets up the next workpiece in the adjacent area.