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Lagun's 5-Axis Machines

The manufacturing industry’s need for 5-axis machining has continually grown over the past several years. According to Business Wire the 5-axis CNC machining centers market is expected to “reach USD 130.88 billion by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of 5.5% from 2022 to 2030.” Several factors have led to this growth. However, the demand for automated manufacturing, as well as accurately machining complex parts are the greatest contributions to this rise in popularity.

In keeping up with the growing demands of the industry, Lagun recently released the LU S/C, the latest addition to their growing line of sophisticated heads. When equipped with an LU S/C, each of Lagun’s state-of-the-art machining centers becomes capable of 5-axis machining. We’ll explore what exactly a 5-axis machine is, why you should consider it for your shop, and what Lagun has to offer in today’s post.


Traditionally machine tools operate on 3-axes; X, Y and Z. 5-Axis machining refers to machine tools that use CNC to simultaneously operate on these, as well as additional, rotating axes; a combination of either A, B or C. These additional axes allow for machining highly complex parts that require multidirectional tooling.


There are several configurations that are possible with 5-Axis machining. The most common of these forms are the droop swivel head, droop table, double swivel head, double swivel table, and one swing one rotate. The main difference between these arrangements is where the rotational axes occur, which is typically either in the machines head, on a tilting rotary table, or both.


Given the right options our Lagun Machining Centers can be configured for double swivel head, simultaneous milling. This means two rotational coordinates, located on the machine’s head, directly control the direction of the cutting axis. In this instance the two axes controlled using this configuration are A and B. Additionally, simultaneous 5-xais machining involves moving the cutting tool and the workpiece along all 5-Axis at once during machining.


This 5-axis machining capability is due to the LU S/C. The LU S/C is Lagun’s automatic universal milling head, which comes constructed with two main sections joined at 45°. These sections control the A and B rotational axes. With the option of one (LU S) or two (LU C) motors in each axis, this rigid head is capable of simultaneous millesimal positioning (with one motor in each axis), and continuous rotation cutting capacity (two motors in each axis). The high accuracy of the LU S/C is attributed to it’s high precision hydraulic braking system. Because it uses hydraulic breaks, rather than toothed hirth plates, repositioning the head is fast and simple in comparison to other set-ups.

Lagun's LU S / C 5-Axis Milling Head

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Lagun’s 5-Axis Machines