Machine Spotlight: ATV-916-TM Ultra Precision Lathe

The ATV-916-TM Ultra Precision Lathe

Lagun’s range of lathes includes several machines ranging from small to large. Whether you’re working out of a small workshop, or running a large-scale manufacturing plant, we’ve got you covered. One of our most popular lines of machines is our Manual Ultra Precision Lathes. Today we’ll look at one of our smaller precision lathes, the ATV-916-TM.

The ATV-916-TM

The ATV-916-TM is considered a second operation lathe. This means it is ideal for performing turning operations on a workpiece which has already been worked on another lathe. We’ve designed the ATV-916-TM to machine small diameter parts with tighter tolerances. These reliable machines boast a guaranteed spindle runout of 50 millionths of an inch, in a controlled environment. These lathes achieve this level of precision thanks to their outstanding features.

Outstanding Features

An example of this is the lathes spindle, which comes mounted on high precision, pre-loaded, angular contact ball bearings. This design helps end the occurrence of radial and end play by limiting any divergence of the ball bearing within its running track. The result of this is a reduction of skidding, leading to more exact finishes. Additionally, we house this hefty 5C spindle in a solid, one-piece, enclosed headstock. This configuration comes mounted on a heavy, welded steel pedestal with a convenient storage compartment for the lathe’s tools.

The ATV-916-TM's Spindle
The ATV-916-TM's Spindle

Ultra Stable Body

To further increase the stability of the ATV-916-TM, the carriage has three full bearing surfaces; one on top of the bed, and one on the front and rear slides. This set up means less wear on the machine’s bearings, prolonging its longevity. The specially designed bed ways are made of hardened and ground alloy steel. This setup creates a wear resistant barrier around the bed, making it easy to maintain and clean. The angular construction of the slide ways also prevents any chips created from falling onto them. Lastly these machines come equipped with an electronic infinitely variable-speed system. This system allows for the spindle to instantly reach anywhere from 0 to 4000 RPM’s while the spindle is running.

The ATV-916-TM is truly the ideal machine for small tool rooms, classrooms, and hobbyists. With its many advantageous features, we believe we’ve created an exceptionally reliable and steady lathe capable of executing the utmost accurate machining possible. For more information on these machines, including pricing and availability, we encourage you to reach out to one of expert sales reps today.

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