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Machine Spotlight: Lagun's RL-1440G-TW-EVS-GS Gunsmithing Lathe

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Lagun’s been in the machine tool business for over 50 years, and as our experience grows deeper and richer, our family of machines also grows. Today we’ll be sharing one of our lesser known, but equally impressive, models, the American Turnmaster RL-1440G-TW-EVS-GS, also known as Lagun’s Gunsmithing Lathe.

What is a Gunsmithing Lathe?

A gunsmithing lathe is a lathe designed to smith gun parts, such as the gun barrel. Gunsmiths must craft the simple, and vital cylindrical, and sometimes tapered, shape of a gun barrel with precision and care. This is the best way to ensure an accurate and high performing firearm is made. Gunsmiths use lathes for the turning and chambering on these barrels. Most gun manufacturers use large scale, mass production techniques. But for hobbyists and professional gunsmiths alike the only way to create these intricate parts is with a gunsmithing lathe. Thanks to its compact size, this lathe is perfect for home-based, or small-scale workshops.

Gunsmithing Lathe vs. Traditional Lathes

At first glance you wouldn’t notice the difference between our standard 14” x 40” American Turnmaster lathe and our gunsmithing lathe. Both have exceptionally heavy, vibration dampening, one-piece bodies. Both come equipped with rigid, hardened and ground gears and bedways. You’ll find the same generous spindle power and wide gear range on both machines, as well. In fact, each machine comes equipped with all the practical and reliable features you’d come to expect from our American Turnmaster line. The difference is subtle, but it makes the world’s difference to a gunsmith.

Detailed description of the Republic Lagun Gunsmithing Lathe
The Onboard Spider

The main variation is the addition of an outboard spider. We place this device inside the left end of the spindle. The job of an onboard spiders is to secure the barrel of a gun in place as the lathe turns the part. The spider has several brass tipped screws, enabling it to support the barrel. This valuable accessory enables our RL-1440G-TW-EVS-GS to accomplish intricate work on the gun both safely and accurately.

Additional Features

Another modification made to our gunsmithing lathe is a full Electronic Variable Speed (EVS) conversion. This modification provides full HP at all RPMs, lowering energy use. By consistently running the lathe’s spindle motor while shifting speeds, the need to repeatably stop and start the machine is eliminated. The EVS conversion also improves the machines stability while working. This is because the lathe runs precisely at the speed set by the user, allowing the EVS head to avoid agitating material during turning.

If gunsmithing is your life, consider contacting your Lagun rep today and ask about our American Turnmaster RL-1440G-TW-EVS-GS Gunsmithing Lathe. For reliable, steady, and long-lasting turning power, always turn to a Lagun.

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Machine Spotlight: Lagun’s Gunsmithing Lathe, The RL-1440G-TW-EVS-GS