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Republic Lagun Machine Tool FTV-2F Vertical Knee Mill


Outstanding Features:

  • The head is equipped with a “high velocity cooling system”. The generated “air flow” keeps the head at a constant temperature. The fully enclosed head will keep dust from the shop environment out, keeping critical parts and components such as: pulleys, belts, and bearings, etc., clean and dust free. (See detail A)
  • The new head has two speed ranges, 5 HP constant drive, and infinite variable speeds. (see D) The dynamically balanced head (see B) reaches full horse power over all the speed ranges, (Low 55 to 490 – High 490 to 4,250 RPM) (See E) without the typical losses of EVS systems. This head is capable of reaching 358 ft-lb of torque (See –Graphic HP vs. RPMS) at a mere 55 RPM.
  • The quill 3 3/8” (85 mm) is hard chromed with a precision ground rack.Special high performance transmission belt are used. The heart of our mechanical infinite variable speed milling head uses the same hi-technology found in the continuously variable transmission of the latest Hybrid automobiles.
  • Spindle taper is R-8 (optional # 40 NST, #30 NST with four hi-precision, class 7 bearings.
  • The head assembly can be tilted front-to-back and swiveled right-to-left.  Angular settings employ worm and gear.
  • Ram/head assembly can be easily rotated a full 360° degrees. (See detail
  • Massive ram features 19″ (483 mm) of bearing length and 22 3/16″ (563 mm) of travel.
  • The ram design allows use of the optional slotting attachment.  The slots are mounted opposite the standard head (with optional kit 149-1140K).
  • All lead screws are thread rolled and precision ground.
  • A unique double nut assembly provides backlash adjustment of longitudinal and cross feed screws.  Adjustment of this device eliminates backlash due to wear.
  • Table & saddle locks are conveniently located in front of the machine. Handles are spring loaded to allow repositioning once locked. This advanced design clamps the table to the saddle, but does not push on a gib. As a result, the table will hold its position more accurately.


The backbone of Republic Lagun Machine Tool is the notable manual vertical knee mill model FTV-2F. This mill features induction hardened and ground ways. This process is more consistent and precise than flame hardening and does not score or wear off like chrome.

The FTV-2F mill features square ways for rigidity and dovetail ways for accuracy on the knee. No other machine has this feature. Our manual vertical knee mills also consists of an extra wide saddle (23”) with Turcite to ensure smooth, non-stick and precise travel for the cross and table movement. A constant 5 HP motorized head with high velocity cooling system keeps the head at a constant temperature. In other words, Lagun’s Vertical Knee Mill, FTV-2F features surpasses its competition in capacity.

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Mill Model:FTV-2FMVM-1MVM-2MVM-4Millimatic IIMillimatic IIIMega 4 SurfaceMega 4 Volume
Table Size55.25″ x 10″49″ x 9″50″ x 10″58″ x 12″55.25″ x 10″55.25″ x 10″58″ x 11″58″ x 11″
Weight Cap:750 lb400 lb661 lb1,200 lb750 lb750 lb1,200 lb1,200 lb
X Travel38″ (34.5″ w/PF)30″35″ (32″ w/PF)39.37″36″36″37.38″41″
Y Travel15.98″12″16″15.35″15.25″15.25″14.6″14.5″
Z Travel15.98″16″16″15.75″16″16″15.75″15.75″
Ram Travel22.44″15.35″22.04″20″22.2″22.2″20″20″
Motor HP5 HP3 HP3 HP5 HP5 HP5 HP5 HP5 HP
RPM Range55-4,25060-4,20060-4,50060-4,30055-4,25055-4,25060-4,30060-4,300
Drilling Cap1.25″
Milling Cap4 Cu in/min
Boring RangeUp to 8″
Spindle TaperR-8R-8R-8#40 NSTR-8R-8#40 NST#40 NST
Quill Diameter3.38″3.38″3.38″4.13″3.38″3.38″4.13″4.13″
Quill Travel5″5″5″5″5″5″5″4.25″
CNC AxisN/AN/AN/AN/A2323

* All Product Specs are Subject to Change at Any Time

One year or 2,000 hours from date of installation, (single shifting) whichever occurs first.

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