Republic Lagun Machine Tool Power 5.5 Big Bore Manual Lathe


• One piece (monolithic) bed, floor type casting.
• Three way design, 2 “Vee” was on top plus 1 extra front lateral way for more apron-carriage support.
• All three ways are hardened and ground.
• Forged steel spindle with opposed taper roller bearings.
• Dual chucks are optionally available
• Hardened and ground gears and shafts throughout
• Hardened and ground cross slide ways and screws.
• Electromagnetic spindle brake
• Universal inch / metric gear box, totally enclosed
• Automatic four speed electronic variable speed
• Spindle Bore standard 9” spindle nose A2-15.
Bores from 10” up to 32” are optionally available.
• Six way rapid traverse and power feed to top slide.
• Thread chasing dial
• Overload safety device on apron
• Dual voltage motor and controls, standard 50HP, optional 75HP.
• Retractable leadscrew / feed rod support on models over 120″ cc
• One piece stainless steel lead screw protection cover.
• Rear chip conveyor and full length rear splash guard is optionally available. (see optional list)
• Safety chuck guard with micro switch and jog button is standard.



American Turnmaster’s Power 5.5 series feature bed swings that range from 60″ – 80″. The lathes have three way design, standard 9″ spindle bore, A2-15 spindle nose, and bores from 10″ up to 32″ available as options.

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Lathes Model:Power OnePower FivePower 5 TL 45Power 5 TL 50Power 5.5Pwr 7-120x295SPwr 7-120x295L
Swing Over Bed35″ / 40″ / 45″ / 50″45″ / 50″ / 60″ / 70″45″50″60″ / 71″ / 80″120″120″
Swing Over Carriage33″39.43″43″ / 53″ / 63″
Swing Over Cross Slide24″ / 29″ / 34″ / 39.76″32″ / 37″ / 47″ / 57″106.29″94.48″
Distance Between Centers60″ – 472″60″ – 800″80″80″60″ – 480″295.27″295.27″
Length of Bed
Spindle Speed RPM Range7-1,000RPM / Varies Size7 – 700RPM / Varies Sizes7-700 RPM6-480 RPM3-300 RPM2-150 RPM2-150 RPM
Hole Through Spindle6.02″ – 16.14″6.02″ +6″9″9″ (Opt up to 32″)9.055″9.055″
Spindle NoseA2-11 to A2-28A2-11A2-11A2-15A2-15A2-20A2-20
Motor HP30HP (40HP Opt)30HP (40HP Opt)30HP30HP50HP (Opt 60HP & 75HP)100HP100HP
Disk Clutch HeadstockNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
3 V WaysYesYesYesYesYesNo (4 Way)No (4 Way)
Inch Thread Range (TPI)1/2 to 281/2 to 281/2 to 281/2 to 281/2 to 281/2 to 281/2 to 28
Metric Thread Range1-56mm1-56mm1-56mm1-56mm1-56mm1-56mm1-56mm
Work Piece Capacities:26,790 lbs32,683 lbs66,138 lbs (w/out Steady)66,138 lbs (w/out Steady)
Digital Threading Control?NoNoNoNoNoNoNo
CNC or ManualManualManualManualManualManualManualManual

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