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Product Insight: The Power Drawbar, a Mill's Best Friend


The mill is a classic machine used by hobbyists and professionals alike. This hefty machine is found anywhere from small, classroom shops, to large industrial warehouses, and even, on the rare occasion, in a submarine. Anywhere you find our mills, there’s a good chance you’ll also find the mills best friend, Lagun’s Power Drawbars. But what exactly is this handy mill companion? In today’s edition of product insights, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

The Drawbar Explained

Our highly popular mills are equipped with powerful heads capable of keeping their stability and accuracy while cutting. Part of what makes this possible are the quality drawbars used by Lagun. The drawbar is an internal tool used to clamp down on a mills spindle collet taper. This is how the spindle stays rigid and in place.

The first step to changing a tool on a generic vertical mill is to hold the mills spindle in place. Then, while loosening the top of the drawbar, catch the tool as it’s released. Given this process, access to the top of the head is essential for changing tools. As simple as it sounds, the height of our knee mills makes this process a cumbersome, and difficult one. Most Lagun mills sit at just above 7ft tall. This is where Power Drawbars comes in handy.

What’s a Power Drawbar?

To make the tool changing process quick and easy, saving you time and effort, consider adding a Lagun Power Drawbar to your mill. Rather than hand tightening and loosening, an air-operated impact wrench attaches to the top of the milling head, connecting with the top of the drawbar. With the flip of a switch (or the push of a button), impact wrench quickly turns the drawbar, automating the process of changing tools.

A truly Handy Tool

Gone are the days of dragging out heavy ladders, calling your tallest friends, or stretching with all your might to reach the top of your mill with this nifty tool. Power Drawbars are truly the mills, and your, best friend. They’re fast, efficient, economical, and worth every penny. Remember to add a Power Draw Bar to your next Lagun mill. You’ll be glad you did!

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Product Insight: Lagun Power Drawbars, The Mills Best Friend