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Semi-Steel vs. Steel Chucks

At Lagun we know knowledge is power. We believe it’s vital our customers understand not only how their machine works, but how every accessory adds to their experience. With this in mind, we’re shedding light on a question we often get at Lagun; what’s the difference between Semi-Steel and Steel Chucks?  


If you own a lathe or a mill, then you’re guaranteed to need a chuck. Chucks are used to hold a workpiece in place while it’s either milled or turned. Most of our lathe chucks come composed of two types of materials; semi-steel or steel. Forged steel or steel chucks have a higher RPM threshold than their semi-steel counterparts. Because of this they are also stronger, more durable and result in more accurate finishes. Despite this, at Lagun we typically sell twice as many semi-steel chucks.  

Semi-steel, or cast iron, chucks are considered the industry standard. Though less tolerant of higher RPM’s they can still accurately handle a wide variety of machining. This along with its more cost-efficient price, make it a popular choice.

Example of a Semi-Steel Chuck
Example of a Steel Chuck


Both options have their pros and cons. Ultimately the decision to use one over the other comes down to your budget and needs. We hope that with this information you’ll be able to make a more informed decision when choosing your new machines accessories. For more information on the types of chucks Lagun offers, check out our previous post all about chucks, or reach out to our knowledge packed team at!

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Semi-Steel vs. Steel Chucks