Machine Spotlight: Giana’s Multitasking Vertical Lathe

Machine Spotlight: Giana’s Multitasking Vertical Lathe Day 4 of #LagunNoFOMO is here! In today’s post we’re back with a Giuseppe Giana machine spotlight. As their sole US distributor, we’re showcasing the latest addition to their line of Italian made, large CNC lathes, The Vertronic Multitasking Vertical Lathe. Giana’s Vertronic The Vertronic is Giana’s answer to […]

Machine Spotlight: Giana’s Deep Hole Boring GGB

Deep Hole Boring Lathes. Giuseppe Giana's Globally Sold GGB Lathe. Learn More.

Machine Spotlight: Gianna’s Deep Hole Boring GGB Machine Spotlight: Gianna’s Deep Hole Boring GGB Giana’s Deep Hole Boring Lathes Today we’re diving back into our machine spotlight series by shining the light on another of our exclusive Giuseppe Giana products. Previously we’ve explored Giana’s GG-Tronic multi-tasking lathes. In this edition we’ll look at their global […]

Giuseppe Giana Multi-Tasking Lathes

Giuseppe Giana Multitasking Lathe GG-TRONIC

Giuseppe Giana’s Multi-Tasking Lathes As Giuseppe Gianna’s exclusive US distributer, we thought we’d start out the new year by highlighting their GG-TRONIC Multi-Tasking Lathes. This series of multitasking CNC lathes exemplifies Giana’s capability in engineering the most sophisticated lathes on the market and shows you that no job is too large for them to handle. Constructed with […]

Machine News: Giuseppe Giana Lathes

Giuseppe Giana’s GG-TRONIC 3000-5000, a multitasking machine designed with a double bed TwinDRIVE helps machine tool achieve exceptional precision Giuseppe Giana Spa is using Redex Andantex TwinDRIVE rack and pinion drives on a new generation of large machine tools that achieve such high precision that the need for finish grinding can often be eliminated. With […]