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The RH-2000H, Lagun's Radial Drill

Lagun has a long history of producing quality and reliable manual mills and lathes. But did you know we also offer a selection of premium floor and radial drills? Today we’ll take a closer look at one of Lagun’s lesser-known machines, the RL-2000H Radial Drill. 


A radial drill is a machine tool mainly used to create holes of varying depth and sizes on the surface of a workpiece. This is done by rotating a drill bit housed in the drill’s head. The drill head comes mounted to a slide along its radial arm which the operator can move up and down, as well as rotate 360° around the support column. The main advantage of this set-up is the wide variety of workpiece sizes you can machine. If the workpiece is too large to machine on the drills base, the operator can place it on the ground instead.  

Aside from drilling, these machines can also be used for tapping, reaming, counter sinking, spot facing, and counter boring. Radial drills can do this type of machining on a broad range of materials including cast iron, steel, and plastic. However, it is generally used in the metal working industry.

LAGUN’S RL-2000H: 

We’ve designed and manufactured our RL-2000H to provide the highest level of durability, rigidity and usability possible. We’ve achieved this by using high quality parts and materials when constructing these powerful machines. 

RL-2000H Support Column
Drill Head
RL-2000H Spindle Positioned Over work Table

For instance, having a quality, heavy base is a vital part of eliminating vibrations while working. Therefore, we’ve incorporated a solid, cast-iron base into our drill, to ensure a stable foundation during machining. To further increase its stability hydraulic clamps mount the arm to hardened and precision-ground column. All together these elements create an ultra-sturdy configuration that avoids distorting the machinery. 


Aside from the outstanding performance features detailed above, we’ve added features that not only keep you safe but make for a quality user experience. For example, the powerful 7.5 hp, two speed motor has an automatic brake and tool ejector comes built into the spindle. These features allow you to safely and easily change tools between jobs. Furthermore, the arm is equipped with power elevation, and an anti-fall safety device. This unique feature prevents the arm from suddenly falling after years of heavy usage. 

Anti-Fall Safety Device

The excellent design, fine engineering, quality parts and materials of Lagun’s RL-2000H Radial Drill combine to create a durable machine guaranteed to produce superb work for years to come. For more information on this outstanding machine, make sure to contact one of our expert Sales Reps today!

Lagun RL-2000H Radial Drill

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The RL-2000H, Lagun’s Radial Drill