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Republic Lagun CNC VGC-2418-SE High-abrasive Vertical Grinding Center


  • Fully enclosed to eliminate environmental contamination with Electrostatic Mist collector.
  • Vertical Spindle configuration
  • X-Y-Z axis configuration with optional 4th (rotary table) and 5th (tilting table) axis capabilities.
  • Designed for CBN grinding with either plated or VIT-CBN wheels
  • High-volume Mineral Oil Coolant and chiller System
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Hydraulic Clamping System
  • This 8,800 lbs. (4000 kg.) Vertical Grinding Center  is the heaviest of its class
  • Rectangular square hardened & ground box ways construction
  • Pre-tensioned ball lead screws (supported at both ends)
  • Up to 2,200 lbs. (998 kg.) of tool clamping force.
  • 2,000 lbs. (907 kg.) table load capacity
  • 53 ft.-lbs. (7.5 mm-kg ) peak spindle torque @ 1500 RPM (for regular machining)
  • 8000 rpm spindle (other speed options available)
  • 7,022 lbs. (3,185 kg.) peak thrust on (X, Y & Z axis)
  • 500 ipm (13 mpm) {1,200 IPM 30 mpm) Opt.)  X & Y-axis rapid traverse.
  • Every machine is laser verified , and ball bar tested/ total operating envelope
  • Every machine is U.L®. (Underwriters Laboratories) approved.
  • Other GE Fanuc® controls optional
  • 24 hour service response


Republic Lagun CNC VGC-2418-SE High-abrasive Vertical Grinding Center and ancillary equipment for CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) CBN (Cubic Boron Nitrated) grinding. This Hi-abrasive grinder will grind unique materials such as Titanium and Inconel. This high-abrasive vertical grinding center can be used in High-Pressure Gas Turbine components such as used in jet engines, casings, shafts, blades, vanes & shrouds. It utilizes either Nickel Plated or VIT CBN wheels and Oil cutting fluids. The special configuration of our VGC-2418-SE also allows conventional machining capability. This flexibility gives you the convenience of grinding; milling, drilling, tapping, and boring on your parts in one set-up.

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Machine Sliding Ways (For all 3 Axes X,Y,Z)Box Ways + Anti-friction material
X axis travel24” (610 mm)
Y axis travel18” (460 mm)
Z axis travel20” (510 mm)
Max. load (uniform distribution)2,000 lb. (1,000 kg.)
Table size (X) x (Y)31.5” x 17.71″ (800 x 450 mm)
T-SLOTS (No./Width/Span)Three .71” on 3.9” (18 x 100 mm)
Table center to column min/max12” – 30” (305 x 765 mm)
Table top to floor33 .25” (845 mm)
Motor (peak): AC digital spindle drive with “Flux vector control” provides maximum torque and accurate speed control for non-mechanical spindle orientation and rigid tapping.15 hp (11 kW)*
Motor (30 min rating, 50% ED)10 hp (5.5/7.5 kW)
Spindle speed (RPM), air purged spindle headDirect Drive 8,000 (10,000/12,000 optional)
Max-torque at spindle motor (peak)53 ft. lbs./1500 RPM(7.5 mm-kg/1500 RPM)
Maximum clamping force(tool holder)Up to 2,200 lbs. (1000 kg.)
TaperCT 40/BT 40
Spindle to the table (min./max.)5” / 25” (125 mm / 635 mm)
Spindle center to column ways21.06”(535 mm)
Tool storage capacity16 (Umbrella Type) (Opt. Dual 24 Arm)
Tool selectionRandom/bi directional
Max adjacent tool diameter3.94″ (100 mm)
Max dia. W/adjacent pocket empty5.5″ (140 mm)
Max tool weight13.2 lb. (6 kg)
Max tool length11.8″ (300 mm)
1 Speed max tool to tool7 seconds
Positioning accuracy± 0.0002″/ft. (± 0.005/300 mm)
Repeatability± 0.00012″/ft. (± 0.003/300 mm)
Resolution0.00001″ (0.0003 mm)
Rapid traverse (X & Y)787/787/630 ipm (20/20/16 m/min)
Cutting feed rate0 – 400 ipm (10 mpm)
Feed rate override0 – 150%
Axis thrust (x-y-z) (peak)7,022 lb. (3,185 kg)
PositioningOptional. glass scale
ControlFanuc 21MB (Opt. Anilam, Fagor, Dynapath, etc.)
Air pressure requirements85 psi (6 Kg/cm2)
Coolant capacity53 gal. (200 liters) [Opt. 106 gal. (400 liters)]
Coolant flow21 GPM (80 LPM)
Machine height90.6” (2,300 mm)
Machine width108.7” (2,760 mm)
Machine depth86.6” (2,200 mm)
Working area required143.5” x 112.9” (3,644 x 2,868 mm)
Machine Net Weight8,800 lbs. (4,000 kg)
Shipping weight9,920 lbs. (4,500 kg)
Power15 KVA Standard machine rating

* All Product Specs are Subject to Change at Any Time

One year or 2,000 hours from date of installation, (single shifting) whichever occurs first. For parts and service contact our support team at:


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*Applies to domestic sales only.