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Giuseppe Giana CNC Lathes 2 Guideway Bed GGL


  • Siemens / Fanuc / Fagor Control
  • Hardened and ground bed guideways
  • Displacement of cross carriage by ballscrew
  • Cooling system with electropump
  • Safety microswitch
  • Steady rest
  • Heat exchanger
  • Spindle reduction sleeve
  • Automatic lubrication


Giuseppe Giana’s GGL CNC Lathes feature 2 guideway beds and a spindle motor power ranging from 40 – 80 HP (30 to 60 kW). They have a center height from 20″ to 32″ and are capable of turning lengths more than 66 feet.

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Technical FeaturesGGL 400GGL 500GGL 600GGL 700GGL 900
Center Height 9.84″- 14.17″(250-360mm)15.75″- 21.65″(400-550mm)24.41″- 28.35″(620-720mm)19.69″-31.50″(500-800mm)28.35″-32.28″(720-820mm)
Swing over Carriage 12.20″-20.87(310-530mm)18.90″-29.53″(480-750mm)33.46″-41.34″(850-1050mm)25.59″-47.24″(650-1200mm)37.40″-45.28″(950-1150mm)
Bedways width 15.75″(400mm)22.05″(560mm)25.59″(650mm)29.72″(755mm)35.43″(900mm)
Spindle motor power 20.12-29.50HP(15-22kW)29.50-49.62HP(22-37kW)29.50-53.64HP(22-40kW)49.62-67.05HP(37-50kW)29.50-80.46 HP.(22-60kW)
Spindle bore 3.15″-4.02″(80-102mm)4.41″-14.17″(112-360mm)5.51″-10.71″(140-272mm)5.12″-18.11″(130-460mm)6.10″-22.05″(155-560mm)
Infinitely variable speed range 0-2000RPM 0-1800RPM 0-1000RPM 0-1000RPM 0-700RPM
Rapid feeds longitudinal carriage0.04-314.96 ipm(1-8000 mm/m)0.04-314.96 ipm(1-8000 mm/m)0.04-314.96 ipm(1-8000 mm/m)0.04-314.96 ipm(1-8000 mm/m)0.04-314.96 ipm(1-8000 mm/m)
Rapid feeds cross carriage 0.04-236.22 ipm(1-6000 mm/m)0.04-236.22 ipm(1-6000 mm/m)0.04-314.96 ipm(1-8000 mm/m)0.04-314.96 ipm(1-8000 mm/m)0.04-314.96 ipm(1-8000 mm/m)
Quill diameter 3.15″(80mm)3.94″(100mm)5.51″-6.50″(140-165mm)6.30″ 7.87″(160-200mm)8.27″(210mm)
Quill stroke 9.06″(230mm)9.84″(250mm)7.87″(200mm)7.87″”(200mm)11.81″(300mm)
Admissable weight between centers3306.93 lbs(1500kg)6613.87 lbs(3000kg)8818.49-22046.23 lbs(4000-10000kg)22046.23 lbs(10000kg)33069.33- 39683.21 lbs(15000-18000kg)
Turning Length39.37″-118.11″(1000-3000mm)39.37″-236.22″(1000-6000mm)78.74″-314.96″(2000-8000mm)59.06″-314.96″(1500-8000mm)78.74″-472.44″(2000-12000mm)

* All Product Specs are Subject to Change at Any Time

One year or 2,000 hours from date of installation,(single shifting) whichever occurs first. For parts and service contact our support team at:


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*Applies to domestic sales only.