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Giuseppe Giana Multitasking Lathe GG-TRONIC


  • Bed and tailstock body made of cast iron
  • Head, longitudinal, transversal carriage constructed with stabilized electrowelded steel
  • GGTRONIC 800 / 1000 has a structure able to suit the features that are from time to time demanded by customers in the configuration phase


Giuseppe Giana presents its multitasking CNC lathes series with the model GG-TRONIC. This series of multitasking CNC lathes exemplifies Giana’s capability in engineering the most sophisticated lathes on the market and shows you that no job is too large for them to handle. Additionally there are two styles of multitasking lathes (single bed and double bed).

  • Our single bed lathe GG-TRONIC 800-1000 is an affordable, and compactly designed lathe in comparison with Giana’s other models. Giana designs these lathes to contain the same advantages of a machine with four guides. It’s stable structure means it’s able to address customers most rigorous demands, making it the ideal lathe for the Oil & Gas sectors.
  • In addition to the single bed model, Giuseppe Giana designs a Double Bed Multitasking lathe. Easily configure these machines according to your needs. They have several accessories, allowing you, as a buyer, to “build” a machine. You can supply it with a boring bar, steady rests, a milling column, a tool changer device, and so on. This machine range is engineered with the goal of proposing a multitasking turning center, highly customizable to meet customer’s demands while maintaining that same reliability exhibited by all of Giuseppe Giana’s products.

These lathes also come equipped with carriages positioned at “eye level”. This enables the user to easily control the workpiece, even those with uncommon shapes. Additionally by offering the option to embed these machines at around 11″ (30 cm) from the factory’s floor, complex foundations are no longer necessary.

*Note: Interested in more Heavy / Multitasking Lathes lathes? Please take a look at our GGH  and GGB lathe models. Or feel free to browse all our CNC Lathes here.

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Machine Technical DataGGTtronic 800GGTronic 1000GGTronic 1800GGTronic 2000GGTronic 3000GGTronic 5000GGTronic 6000
Center height 22″ (560mm) 22″- 26″ (560-660mm)32-37″ (820-950mm)38″-44″-50″ (960-1110-1260 mm) 53″-65″ (1350-1650mm) 57- 72-89″ (1450-1850-2250mm)100″ (2550mm)
Swing over bed 43″ (1100mm) 43″- 51″ (1100-1300mm)63″- 75″ (1600-1900mm)75″ (1900mm) 102″-126″(2600-3200 mm) 114-142- 173″ (2900-3600-4400mm)197″ (5000mm)
Swing over carriage 31″ (800mm) 31″-39″ (800-1000mm)63″- 75″ (1600-1900mm)75″ (1900 mm) 102″-126″(2600-3200 mm) 114-142- 173″ (2900-3600-4400mm)197″ (5000mm)
Spindle motor40-50-68 HP (30-37-51 kW)50-54-68-99 HP (37-40-51-74 kW)38-78-100 HP (28-58-75kW)80-95- 134HP (60-71-100 kW)(100-135-179 kW)(179-210-340kW)(210-340kW)
Spindle bore 90-120-155-265mm) 120-155-265-320-415-560mm)5″-23″ (120-585mm)5″ (120 mm)5″ (120 mm)5″ (120mm)5″ (120mm)
Torque 5900 ft-lb (8000 Nm)8000-12,000 Nm)8000-25000 Nm)(25,000 Nm) 59,004 – 73,756 ft-lb (80,000-100,000 Nm)147,512 ft-lb (200,000 Nm)184,390 ft-lb (250,000 Nm)
Quill diameter7″ (180mm)7″-9″ (180-230mm)7″-9″ (180-230mm)12″ (310mm) 18″ (460 mm) 24″-31″(600-800mm)31″ (800mm)
Quill Stroke 8″ (200mm)8″ (200mm)8″ (200mm)11.8″ (300mm) 8″ (200 mm)8″ (200mm)8″ (200mm)
Rapid feeds longitudinal carriage 0-315 in/min (0-8000mm/min)0-315 in/min (0-8000mm/min)0-315 in/min (0-8000mm/min)0-315 in/min (0-8000mm/min)0-315 in/min (0-8000mm/min)0-315 in/min (0-8000mm/min)0-315 in/min (0-8000mm/min)
Rapid feeds cross carriage0-236 in/min (0-6000mm/min)0-236 in/min (0-6000mm/min)0-236 in/min (0-6000mm/min)0-236 in/min (0-6000mm/min)0-236 in/min (0-6000mm/min)0-236 in/min (0-6000mm/min)0-236 in/min (0-6000mm/min)
Weight between centers no steady rest 6.6- 9 tons (6000-8000 Kg)13-17 tons (12,000-15,000kg) 9-22 tons (8000-20,000kg)22- 28 tons (20,000-25,000 kg) 44- 66-88 tons (40,000-60,000-80,000)(100,000-160,000-200,000-250,000 Kg)(200,000-250,000 Kg)

* All Product Specs are Subject to Change at Any Time

One year or 2,000 hours from date of installation,(single shifting) whichever occurs first. For parts and service contact our support team at:


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*Applies to domestic sales only.