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Republic Lagun Machine Tool Megamill MVM-1 Vertical Knee Mill


  • Spindle taper R-8 with 4 ea. class seven hi-precision bearings
  • Flood coolant system
  • Chip tray
  • Base splash guard
  • Hardened & Precision ground ways
  • One shot lubrication system
  • Draw bar
  • Operators Manual/Parts List
  • Basic Service Tool kit
  • 3/60/220/440 volt electrics.


The compact size of this Republic Lagun vertical knee mill makes it ideal for tool room shops, schools, hobbyists, and more. Thanks to it’s standard R8 spindle taper with class seven hi-precision bearings, the MVM-1 securely holds parts in place.

The spindle is also constructed of ultra-stable SCM440 Cr-Mo steel alloy with tempering treatment. We support this rugged spindle using ultra precise angular contact bearings. In addition to this, we’ve added a power drawbar to the mills head, which adds to the vertical mills’ easy use. By automating the process of loosening and tightening the drawbar, the user can smoothly and quickly change tools. The combination of these traits makes this vertical knee mill a user friendly, reliable, and durable machine.

With the optional Electronic Variable Speed (EVS) conversion, the MVM-1 mill’s head will provide full HP at all RPMs. This helps decrease energy consumption by delivering speed levels as needed. By assuring it runs precisely at the users desired speed, the EVS head also avoids disturbing material during milling.

*Note: Interested in more Lagun vertical knee mills? Please take a look at our MVM-2 and MVM-4 models. Or browse all manual mills offered at Lagun Engineering here.

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Mill Model:FTV-2FMVM-1MVM-2MVM-4Millimatic IIMillimatic IIIMega 4 SurfaceMega 4 Volume
Table Size55.25″ x 10″49″ x 9″50″ x 10″58″ x 12″55.25″ x 10″55.25″ x 10″58″ x 11″58″ x 11″
Weight Cap:750 lb400 lb661 lb1,200 lb750 lb750 lb1,200 lb1,200 lb
X Travel38″ (34.5″ w/PF)30″35″ (32″ w/PF)39.37″36″36″37.38″41″
Y Travel15.98″12″16″15.35″15.25″15.25″14.6″14.5″
Z Travel15.98″16″16″15.75″16″16″15.75″15.75″
Ram Travel22.44″15.35″22.04″20″22.2″22.2″20″20″
Motor HP5 HP3 HP3 HP5 HP5 HP5 HP5 HP5 HP
RPM Range55-4,25060-4,20060-4,50060-4,30055-4,25055-4,25060-4,30060-4,300
Drilling Cap1.25″
Milling Cap4 Cu in/min
Boring RangeUp to 8″
Spindle TaperR-8R-8R-8#40 NSTR-8R-8#40 NST#40 NST
Quill Diameter3.38″3.38″3.38″4.13″3.38″3.38″4.13″4.13″
Quill Travel5″5″5″5″5″5″5″4.25″
CNC AxisN/AN/AN/AN/A2323

* All Product Specs are Subject to Change at Any Time

One year or 2,000 hours from date of installation, (single shifting) whichever occurs first.

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*Applies to domestic sales only.