Introducing The CNC American Turnmaster Series

Introducing CNC American Turnmaster Lathes At Lagun Engineering we strive to continue our pursuit of excellence in CNC machining. For this reason, we’re extending our line of American Turnmasters to now include CNC versions of our most popular Tool Room Lathes. LAGUN’S CNC AMERICAN TURNMASTER LATHES With swings ranging from 14” to 18” these user-friendly […]

Semi-Steel vs. Steel Chucks

Semi-Steel vs. Steel Chucks At Lagun we know knowledge is power. We believe it’s vital our customers understand not only how their machine works, but how every accessory adds to their experience. With this in mind, we’re shedding light on a question we often get at Lagun; what’s the difference between Semi-Steel and Steel Chucks? […]

The AT-2160-G-TW-EVS, Lagun’s Toolroom Lathe

Lagun’s AT-2160-G-TW EVS Toolroom Lathe We’re kicking off the new year with a look at our AT-2160-G-TW EVS from our classic line of American Turnmaster Lathes. These reliable machines come with a 21” swing, with the option of downsizing to 18”. The AT-21 lathe has a center distance range of 40” – 120”, with a […]

Lagun X OC San: Lagun’s Power One In Action

OC SAN X LAGUN During a recent visit to the OC Sanitation District we met with machinist Luis Kawile to hear about his first-hand experience with our Power One Lathe. Luis has worked with OC San for just over 20 years where he regularly uses our Power One lathe for machining and manufacturing parts. “We’re like the […]

Machine Spotlight: ATV-916-TM Ultra Precision Lathe

Machine Spotlight: ATV-916-TM Ultra Precision Lathe Lagun’s range of lathes includes several machines ranging from small to large. Whether you’re working out of a small workshop, or running a large-scale manufacturing plant, we’ve got you covered. One of our most popular lines of machines is our Manual Ultra Precision Lathes. Today we’ll look at one […]

Learning With Lagun: Choosing Lathe Tooling

Learning With Lagun: Choosing Lathe Tooling

Learning With Lagun: Choosing Lathe Tooling Lathes are one of humanity’s oldest machines. In fact, the earliest evidence of lathes dates all the way back to 1300 BC. As they’ve evolved, their range of applications has too. From turning to boring, there’s a wide range of machining that can now be done. You may be […]

Customer Highlight: IHH Firearms

Ian Huges is a Gunsmithing student at Colorado School of Trades where he has learned the basics of rifle building & firearm repair. Ian uses our GS lathe so we decided to reach out to him and ask him a few questions! Enjoy. Ian Hughes IHH Firearms and Accessories Describe your business and how long […]

Product Insight: All About the Chuck

Product Insights: All About the Chuck If there’s one thing we know at Lagun, its knowledge is power. With this in mind, we’re launching a new blog series centered on educating you, our loyal customer, on the different parts and accessories Lagun has to offer. When you work with Lagun, we aim to help you […]

Machine Spotlight: Lagun’s Gunsmithing Lathe, The RL-1440G-TW-EVS-GS

Machine Spotlight: Lagun’s RL-1440G-TW-EVS-GS Gunsmithing Lathe Lagun’s been in the machine tool business for over 50 years, and as our experience grows deeper and richer, our family of machines also grows. Today we’ll be sharing one of our lesser known, but equally impressive, models, the American Turnmaster RL-1440G-TW-EVS-GS, also known as Lagun’s Gunsmithing Lathe. What […]

Machine Spotlight: Giana’s Deep Hole Boring GGB

Deep Hole Boring Lathes. Giuseppe Giana's Globally Sold GGB Lathe. Learn More.

Machine Spotlight: Gianna’s Deep Hole Boring GGB Machine Spotlight: Gianna’s Deep Hole Boring GGB Giana’s Deep Hole Boring Lathes Today we’re diving back into our machine spotlight series by shining the light on another of our exclusive Giuseppe Giana products. Previously we’ve explored Giana’s GG-Tronic multi-tasking lathes. In this edition we’ll look at their global […]

Giuseppe Giana Multi-Tasking Lathes

Giuseppe Giana Multitasking Lathe GG-TRONIC

Giuseppe Giana’s Multi-Tasking Lathes As Giuseppe Gianna’s exclusive US distributer, we thought we’d start out the new year by highlighting their GG-TRONIC Multi-Tasking Lathes. This series of multitasking CNC lathes exemplifies Giana’s capability in engineering the most sophisticated lathes on the market and shows you that no job is too large for them to handle. Constructed with […]

New Extended Sizes From American Turnmaster

In pursuit of continued excellence in manual lathes, Lagun Engineering recently released the American Turnmaster (AT) 22”, 26”, & 30” Heavy Duty Precision Lathe series. We’ve extended our line of American Turnmaster manual lathes by providing new, versatile sizes. Constructed with outstanding features these mid-range-size manual lathes provide a user friendly experience, while maintaining highly […]

Machine News: Giuseppe Giana Lathes

Giuseppe Giana’s GG-TRONIC 3000-5000, a multitasking machine designed with a double bed TwinDRIVE helps machine tool achieve exceptional precision Giuseppe Giana Spa is using Redex Andantex TwinDRIVE rack and pinion drives on a new generation of large machine tools that achieve such high precision that the need for finish grinding can often be eliminated. With […]