Introducing The CNC American Turnmaster Series

Introducing CNC American Turnmaster Lathes At Lagun Engineering we strive to continue our pursuit of excellence in CNC machining. For this reason, we’re extending our line of American Turnmasters to now include CNC versions of our most popular Tool Room Lathes. LAGUN’S CNC AMERICAN TURNMASTER LATHES With swings ranging from 14” to 18” these user-friendly […]


Clarte Lighting is an architectural lighting solution company that optically mimics the photometric and aesthetics of a halogen light source. Clarte light LED optics are designed and tooled in-house with the help of a Lagun FTV vertical mill. We had the pleasure of servicing one of their Lagun machines and were able to tour the […]

The RL-2000H, Lagun’s Radial Drill

The RH-2000H, Lagun’s Radial Drill Lagun has a long history of producing quality and reliable manual mills and lathes. But did you know we also offer a selection of premium floor and radial drills? Today we’ll take a closer look at one of Lagun’s lesser-known machines, the RL-2000H Radial Drill. WHAT IS A RADIAL DRILL? […]

Semi-Steel vs. Steel Chucks

Semi-Steel vs. Steel Chucks At Lagun we know knowledge is power. We believe it’s vital our customers understand not only how their machine works, but how every accessory adds to their experience. With this in mind, we’re shedding light on a question we often get at Lagun; what’s the difference between Semi-Steel and Steel Chucks? […]

The AT-2160-G-TW-EVS, Lagun’s Toolroom Lathe

Lagun’s AT-2160-G-TW EVS Toolroom Lathe We’re kicking off the new year with a look at our AT-2160-G-TW EVS from our classic line of American Turnmaster Lathes. These reliable machines come with a 21” swing, with the option of downsizing to 18”. The AT-21 lathe has a center distance range of 40” – 120”, with a […]

Lagun’s New Year Savings

LAGUN’S NEW YEAR SAVINGS Purchase Today, Get A free $3000 Tooling Certificate! Don’t hesitate, purchase an in-stock Lagun machine by January 31st, 2023† and receive a $3000 value Kennametal Tooling Certificate! Exclusions apply*. IN STOCK Lagun BM 4 With Heidenhain TNC 640 Control and 2.5° Automatic Milling Head IN STOCK Lagun BM 3 With Heidenhain […]

Lagun X OC San: Lagun’s Power One In Action

OC SAN X LAGUN During a recent visit to the OC Sanitation District we met with machinist Luis Kawile to hear about his first-hand experience with our Power One Lathe. Luis has worked with OC San for just over 20 years where he regularly uses our Power One lathe for machining and manufacturing parts. “We’re like the […]

Machine Spotlight: ATV-916-TM Ultra Precision Lathe

Machine Spotlight: ATV-916-TM Ultra Precision Lathe Lagun’s range of lathes includes several machines ranging from small to large. Whether you’re working out of a small workshop, or running a large-scale manufacturing plant, we’ve got you covered. One of our most popular lines of machines is our Manual Ultra Precision Lathes. Today we’ll look at one […]

Machine Spotlight: Republic Lagun Millmatics

Machine Spotlight: The Millmatics At Lagun we pride ourselves on our reputation for supplying reliable and quality machines. With decades of experience in the machine tool industry we’ve cultivated the skills and knowledge needed to master the art of the mill. It should come as no surprise then that from time to time we love […]

Customer Highlight: IHH Firearms

Ian Huges is a Gunsmithing student at Colorado School of Trades where he has learned the basics of rifle building & firearm repair. Ian uses our GS lathe so we decided to reach out to him and ask him a few questions! Enjoy. Ian Hughes IHH Firearms and Accessories Describe your business and how long […]

#LagunNoFOMO: Lagun Mills Growth Chart

Lagun Mills Growth Chart, Learn More

#LagunNoFOMO: Lagun Mills Growth Chart The Lagun Mill At Lagun we carry a wide variety of machine tools. From large scale CNC to tool room sized manual machines, our catalogue of products runs deep. Of all the machines we offer, mills have been with us the longest. In fact, the very first machine sold at […]

#LagunNoFOMO: Lagun’s Lathe Growth Chart

#LagunNoFOMO: Lagun’s Lathe Growth Chart We’re kicking off our first week of #LagunNoFOMO with a breakdown of our most extensive category of machines, our lathes. With decades in the business, we’ve gathered a wide variety of lathes. From small hobbyist to big bore, oil field lathes, Lagun’s got all your turning needs covered! Just how […]

Product Insight: Lagun Power Drawbars, The Mills Best Friend

Product Insight: The Power Drawbar, a Mill’s Best Friend The mill is a classic machine used by hobbyists and professionals alike. This hefty machine is found anywhere from small, classroom shops, to large industrial warehouses, and even, on the rare occasion, in a submarine. Anywhere you find our mills, there’s a good chance you’ll also […]

Lagun’s All New FTV-2FE Knee Mill

Lagun’s All New FTV-2FE Knee Mill Lagun’s proud to announce the unveiling of a powerful addition to our family of mills, the all new FTV-2FE Vertical Knee Mill. We’ve reimagined one of our bestselling machines, the classic FTV-2F vertical knee mill, and revamped it from the inside out.  What’s New in the FTV-2FE Vertical Knee […]

Machine Spotlight: Lagun’s Gunsmithing Lathe, The RL-1440G-TW-EVS-GS

Machine Spotlight: Lagun’s RL-1440G-TW-EVS-GS Gunsmithing Lathe Lagun’s been in the machine tool business for over 50 years, and as our experience grows deeper and richer, our family of machines also grows. Today we’ll be sharing one of our lesser known, but equally impressive, models, the American Turnmaster RL-1440G-TW-EVS-GS, also known as Lagun’s Gunsmithing Lathe. What […]

Machine Spotlight: MVM-1 Vertical Knee Mill

Republic Lagun Machine Tool Co. presents the Megamill MVM-1 Vertical Knee Mill. The compact size of this vertical mill makes it ideal for tool room shops, schools, hobbyists, and more. Equipped with an R8 spindle taper with class seven hi-precision bearings, the MVM-1 securely holds parts in place. Additionally, the spindle is constructed of ultra-stable […]

New Extended Sizes From American Turnmaster

In pursuit of continued excellence in manual lathes, Lagun Engineering recently released the American Turnmaster (AT) 22”, 26”, & 30” Heavy Duty Precision Lathe series. We’ve extended our line of American Turnmaster manual lathes by providing new, versatile sizes. Constructed with outstanding features these mid-range-size manual lathes provide a user friendly experience, while maintaining highly […]